BEFORE AND AFTER WAIST TRAINING UPDATE: Sizing down for FIFTH time in my waist trainer (5xl to xl)

Hi This is Kristy from Cinched Wear and welcome to my #waisttrainingjourney. I am so grateful and excited to be fitting a size XL waist trainer today!

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Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer

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Here’s more about my journey if you have found me for the first time:

I started #waisttraining after having #twopregnancies very close together. After having continual and #unrelentingbackpain, it was recommended I find a #goodpostpartumgarment to help heal and close my #diaatasisrectigap (#abdominalseparation) that wasn’t healing by itself.

Because I have had my children in my late 30’s (the first at 38, and the second at 39), I really feel the need to be the best-me that I can be for my children. I want them to keep up with ME, not the other way around… and so slowly but surely I am making my way to that goal.

I started with a #size5xlwaist and have continued to drop a size roughly every 2mths, without the need for altering how I eat and without doing regular workouts. I don’t say this to encourage or condone this behaviour (of not needing to exercise or eat healthier) as #healthyeating and #regularexercise should always be part of a good and #healthylifestyle.

I am happy to report I officially did my #firstbootcamp this week and have joined the gym! Even though I have sized down five times, I would really love to tone all of my body now, and become the best me for myself and my children.

Honestly, until this point now, I just wasn’t ready to give up on my #emotionaleating. I know its an excuse, but for me taking care of a 1 and 2yr old is exhausting at times. Dont get me wrong I love them more than life itself, but under all the tiredness and hustle and bustle of parenting tiny little ones who need their mum every minute; I would turn to food for comfort. I still do this at times now, but I’m going to try to change my thinking around this and have more balance with what I put in my body.

I have started healthier eating by signing up for the #tiffxo plan with Tiffiny Hall who is so inspiring to me (just fyi, I am in no way affiliated or sponsored or mentioning this for any monetary gain… just sharing with you what I’m doing ). Her plan gives you healthy meals to choose from, and then you cook the recipes. This is the plan I did to get in shape before my first pregnancy, combined with regular gym sessions. Honestly I’m hopeless with food and wouldn’t know where to start, so I need some guidance until I get up and running on cooking meals in a better way again 🤪).

As far as exercise goes, I haven’t done ANYTHING since I became pregnant in June 2017. This is because I was either pregnant for half the time and suffering from #spd or #hyperemis (#morningsickness aka ALL DAY AND NIGHT SICKNESS), or I when I wasn’t pregnant I was trying to keep up with being a mum to a baby and 1yr old whilst breastfeeding and suffering with #horriblebackpain and #painfuldiastasisrecti (it would hurt to even sit up from a lying down position).

Anyway, thankfully my #waisttrainer has helped me immensely and I am at the point I am at now… feeling strong, hopeful, confident, capable and able thanks to my waist training, which I try to do for a couple of hours every day if possible.

I started with #6cmabseparation and last time I checked I was down to #2cmgap after #waistcinching, but I believe now that I either have about a cm to go (from feeling) or I am all but closed up in my abs!

This journey has been a complete blessing to me in every way. It is helping me to essentially become me again. I wish that for you too. Self care is important. It is something I forgot to do for a while, but I have learnt nothing is more important than your health and #wellbeing especially when you have little ones relying on you… for everything 🤪🥰