Does Corset/Waist Training Really Work?

Does Waist Training/Corset Training Really work? Well I have been seeing tons of before and after pics and I just have to know for myself!! I got my corset from The model is a CS-426 Puple/Black Paisley, 24″. My waist is currently 31″. I am supposed to be able to lose 5-7 inches off my waist. I am very skeptical about this, so I will not exaggerate my results. What you see is what you get!

As an injured vet, I suffer from chronic back pain. I read that corsets help to improve your posture. If I can improve my posture, hopefully I can get a bit of relief. We shall see.

Oh and This is an underbust corset (doesn’t cover breast) with 24 steel bones.

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