I’ve Shrunk My Waist To 15 Inches | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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RUTH Lujan, 24, from Torreon, Mexico is a practitioner of tight laced corseting. Naturally, her waist is 40cm and when Ruth’s corset is fully laced up it shrinks down to a tiny 30cm – or 11.8 inches. Five years ago whilst at a ballet class, Ruth’s teacher noticed some issues with her movement and advised her to go to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with a rare condition called Hyperlaxity Syndrome which affects muscles and ligaments. The doctor recommended that wearing a corset could help the condition which resulted in Ruth gaining an interest in tight laced corseting. Ruth began posting her corseting journey on TikTok and Instagram and began gathering a huge following online. However, some of the responses she got shocked her as some people made bizarre and hurtful comments like: ‘You’re not real. Your waist isn’t real. You are a robot.’ And her sister Valeria sometimes worries that Ruth’s look is too extreme which creates a little friction between them both…

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Videographer: Fernando Poire
Producers: Tom Jones, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Hailey Wang

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