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I hate working out and surgery is too expensive  ha ha! Trying different ways to make working out “fun!” Join me on my weight loss journey! Currently practicing yoga 3x weekly and going to the gym 3x weekly as well. I may miss a day or 2 but I’m trying  consistency is the key, right?

Back to Jsculpt, 7/10 it is a good trainer, somewhat overpriced (but I get it, its business).

I had 2 miss step with my order, it was handled. I don’t use my trainer every day!
I do have other trainers that are the same quality but cost less ($30-$50).
Comment your questions below and I will answer. Looking for a quicker answer, ask me on IG, link below 

Waist Trainer: www.jsculptfitness.com
Workout Waist Trainer | Lose Weight With JSculpt Fitness – J Sculpt Fitness

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