Plus Size Smart Hula Hoop For Beginners & Fitness Workouts Tutorial

Is your Smart Hula Hoop Too Small? Here’s how to make your smart hula hoop bigger for plus size fit. This video will also teach you how to smart hula hoop for beginners too.

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In this video, I also teach a total beginner how to use a smart hula hoop for the first time.
Smart hula hoops, also known as intelligent hula hoops and auto spinning hoops can be great for exercise workouts and weight loss. The centrifugal ball that spins around creates enough force, like a weighted hula hoop to give a nice workout to help you achieve your hula hoop goals. Similar to hula hooping, the smart hula hoop requires some of the same movements as waist hula hooping For Beginners, such as rocking back and forth, and moving side to side. One of the problem with many smart hula hoops is their sizing. Often times they can be way too small and don’t come in bigger extra large plus sizes. In this video, I show you a technique on how to make these smaller smart hula hoops way bigger to fit more waist sizes.

Smart Hula Hoop Video Time Stamps
0:23 Smart Hula Hoop Too Small?
0:31 Combining To Make Plus Size Smart Hula Hoop
1:16 How to use smart hula hoop
1:37 Abbey’s first time Smart Hula Hooping
2:23 Abbey Best smart hula hooping
2:44 Adjusting centrifugal ball
3:03 Is It Good For Working Out With?
3:20 Does combining smart hoops work?
3:52 Smart Hula Hoop Battle

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