Waist Trainer Review | Road to Nationals | NPC Bikini Prep

Waist trainers. Some people love them. Some people hate them. A controversial topic but nonetheless important to bring up and discuss because your competitors may be using them.

I take you through the different types of waist trainers I have personally used, their benefits, their drawbacks, and how to wear them appropriately.

It’s important that I mention that my coach does not require that I wear one to be competitive in the NPC federation. I just choose to do so.

Keep in mind: Waist trainers are only a temporary fix. You must strengthen your core at the same time for it to add any benefit to your results.


1). Postpartum girdle:

2). Sport waist trainer:

3). “Squeeze Me Skinny”:
8' Short Torso Sport Waist Trainer

4). “Waisted”

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