Waist Trainer Scams ️

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Companies stealing our Luxx Health content and my images without our consent:

– Waist Trainer Davao
– Toshic
– Romans Napoles Lingerie
– Waisterz
– Waist Erasers
– Tugba Korse
– Korse Center
– Versa Store
– Get Waist

Hi Dolls! It is unfortunate that I have to film a video like this but I feel I need to warn you about the waits trainer scams that are out there. These “brands” take advantage of our hard work and online presence at Luxx Health to their advantage, and more often than not, they don’t even send their products. And if they do, the quality is extremely low. And of course, in any case we want to put our brand name behind these other “companies”. What they do is simply illegal, this is why I’d appreciate if you guys call it to my attention if you find any of these “brands” using our Luxx Health content or my images. Thank you so much! Thumbs up if you are against internet scams! Thanks for watching

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