Waist Training update with progress pictures from size 5XL to 2XL in Cinched 3 Belt Waist Trainer

A waist training update for you all! I am so happy with the results… I am still on my journey. I have sized down from size 5XL in the Cinched Wear 3 Belt Waist Trainer to a size 2XL currently at the time of uploading this video. I am still on my journey and looking forward to getting into an XL soon. Please ignore my messy unbrushed hair!

Thanks for all the love and support! If you have any questions about waist training I am happy to help.

If you would like to check out our waist trainers, you can do so here! At the time of this video we have a half price sale still going by request, but it ends soon!

Cinched 3 Belt Waist Trainers:
Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer

Sizing Chart for Cinched 3 Belt Waist Trainers:

Waist Trainer Instructions and helpful tips:

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