Hi, I’m Lamarr Townsend Tarot and you can purchase a personal reading from me via my website: https://www.lamarrtownsendtarot.com and in this video I talk about why I started waist training and how to waist train. Waist training is training your waist and your abdominal muscles to lose inches and lose belly fat. The waist trainer I am currently using is Fajas Zarey waist trainer but I also talk about the Athletic Works 5-Zipper Waist Trimmer Belt with Easy Adjustment from Wal Mart and why the Fajas Zaray waist trainer is better. I also talk about the Keyshia Ka’oir KA’OIR WAIST ERASER workout belt which I also ordered and will be coming soon. I also talk about the benefits of waist training and the pros and cons of waist training and I share with you my waist training results and waist training review. You do have to be dedicated with waist training and stick to it to see results. How long until you will see results from waist training depends on you.

Waist training for beginners and waist cincher benefits:

1. You will lose inches of belly fat from sweating and living a healthy lifestyle, including working out and eating healthy.

2. Waist training will make you eat less because the compression of the waist trainer is so tight it causes you to feel fuller faster and to feel more full than usual after eating.

3. You will train your waist to have the shape you desire.

4. You will instantly feel more sexy and attractive and the instant results in how it shapes your body will motivate you to keep going.

Waist training pros and cons:

Pros of waist training:

1. You lose weight and inches off your stomach fat
2. It shapes your body and covers up any love handles, fupa, or hanging stomach
3. They are stylish and chic
4. It will maintain the shape you want your body and midsection to be

Cons of waist training:

1. Waist trainers can be very uncomfortable
2. Over time you will have to buy a new waist trainer once you lose weight
3. They can be hard to sleep in
4. They feel restricting and can restrict your breathing and other normal functions like burping.

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